Where do you start?

  • For non-IT People

    Get obsessed with IT. Learn everything you can about computer technology. Become an IT geek.

  • Get into an IT position

    Get experience in an IT position. This experience is a requirement for the next step.

  • IT Pro to Cybersecurity

    Once you have worked in an IT role, you need to understand what cyber security experience you've gathered: security controls, vulnerability management, security policy.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Intro to Cyber Security Entry-Level Course

  • 2

    Types of Beginners

    • Noobs: Total Beginner

    • My Home Network

    • Some Servers you can Make at Home

    • Volunteer to Learn as much as possible

  • 3

    Become an IT Geek

    • Entry Level Degree for getting into Cyber Security

    • So You Want to be an IT GEEK?

    • Entry Level Certification: CompTIA IT Foundations

    • Entry Level Certification: CompTIA Network+ Security+

    • Entry Level Certification: ITIL

    • Entry Level Certification: Vendor Specific

    • Volunteer to Get Experience

  • 4

    From IT Professional to Cyber Security

    • IT Professional going Cyber Security

    • Cyber Security Experience Resume: Familiar vs Proficient

    • Cyber Security on your Resume (part 1)

    • Cyber Security Experience: Indeed

    • Cyber Security Experience Conclusion

    • Cyber Security Certifications

  • 5

    4 Components

    • 4 System Components Introduction

    • 4 System Components: INPUT

    • 4 System Components: CPU

    • 4 System Components: MEMORY

    • 4 System Components: OUTPUT

    • What is CIA?

  • 6

    Networking Essentials

    • Network IP address

    • Network Public VS. Private IP

    • Network Devices

    • Network OSI Model

    • Network PPS

  • 7

    Cyber Security Best Practices

    • Cyber Security Best Practices

    • Cyber Security: CIS Benchmark

    • Cyber Security: NIST Security Controls

  • 8

    about contacting me

    • about me

    • Cyber Security Entry Level (1) Slide Presentation (with notes and links)

    • Cyber Security Entry Level (1)

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